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Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine providers offer the entire spectrum of maternal and fetal care services with an advanced academic focus. We provide women with the full range of obstetric and maternal medicine expertise needed to treat any complication a high-risk mother might face in her pregnancy. 

At our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Perinatal Centers, we offer full prenatal care, maternal and fetal disease consultation, prenatal diagnosis, and genetic counseling. Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine providers are experts in the field of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and high-risk pregnancies, treating patients from all over the western region in clinics across the state of Colorado, and into Wyoming. 

Conditions we treat

Mental Health and Behavior

Mental Health and Behavior - Postpartum Depression

Mental Health and Behavior - Stress

Pregnancy and Reproduction

Pregnancy and Reproduction - Childbirth

Pregnancy and Reproduction - Endocrine Disorders

Pregnancy and Reproduction - Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy and Reproduction - High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Reproduction - Maternal and Fetal Health

Pregnancy and Reproduction - Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Reproduction - Prenatal Care

Pregnancy and Reproduction - Prenatal Testing


Surgery - Fetal

Women's Health

Women's Health - Adolescent Reproductive Health - Adolescent Gynecology

Women's Health - Breast Feeding

Women's Health - Contraception

Women's Health - Gynecologic and Obstetric Infections

Women's Health - Lower Genital Tract Disorders