Primary Care First Program Brings a Holistic Approach to Patient Care

CU Medicine provider Dr. Ingrid Lobo reflects on the positive impact Primary Care First is having on vulnerable populations

Primary care is important for just about everyone, but even more so for vulnerable populations - such as those living in poverty, those with chronic health conditions, the disabled, and the elderly. Primary Care First is a population-based Medicare program aimed at improving patient care by reducing unnecessary inpatient hospital visits. The program does this by providing an innovative payment model focused on patient coordination and primary care. 

CU Medicine provider and medical director at Anschutz Internal Medicine Dr. Ingrid Lobo has seen first-hand how this program is positively impacting patients. Dr. Lobo explains, “I might see a patient start some diabetes medications and see them in three months. During that three-month period, a nutritionist, pharmacist and care manager have been in contact with the patient. Between those four touches, we know the patient has not only received great care but hasn’t fallen through the cracks.”

Dr. Lobo and her team will be presenting first-hand testimonials of the program’s success at the annual Primary Care First national meeting in May.


CU Medicine currently has four clinics participating in Primary Care First:



Depot Hill

Cherry Creek


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