Improving Patient Care at CU Medicine Primary Care Locations

Four CU Medicine Primary Care Clinics are participating in Primary Care First. It's a program that improves patient care, provides enhanced primary care services, and reduces costs.

Primary Care First is a five year Medicare pilot program aimed to improve quality of care and reduce unnecessary costs and utilization.

By taking part in innovative, value-based care models like Primary Care First, CU Medicine providers and teams work to develop and implement enhanced primary care services, including behavioral health, clinical pharmacy and others that impact overall patient care and advocate for change with the federal and state governments regarding healthcare policy.

CU Medicine has been involved with various value-based care initiatives since 2013.
CU Medicine primary care clinics participating:

Primary care is central to a high-functioning healthcare system. There is an urgent need to preserve and strengthen primary care as well as a need for support of serious illness care services for Medicare beneficiaries. 

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This post was originally posted on March 26, 2022