Total Knee Replacement

Decades of wear-and-tear can erode knee joint cartilage and stability, diminishing mobility and causing chronic pain. If walking, stairs or even sitting or lying down are hindered by symptomatic arthritis, our orthopedic specialists may recommend total knee replacement to restore structure and free patients from discomfort.

During this common, highly successful procedure, surgeons expel damaged cartilage and bone from knee compartments. These spaces are precisely fitted with long-lasting implants crafted from durable plastics and titanium alloys to mirror the function of healthy knees. Muscles, ligaments and nerves are preserved surrounding the customized artificial joint.

Our expert orthopedists get patients back standing, striding and pivoting pain-free. Advanced anesthetics ease recovery. Most patients delight in responsive knees allowing activities previously unmanageable within weeks, though restrictions protect surgical success short-term.

If unrelenting knee arthritis robs everyday joy, our tailored replacements help patients walk, work and live fully again.