Cognitive Speech-Language Therapy

Cognition and communication problems can frustrate efforts to manage daily life after illness or injury. Our speech-cognitive therapy program helps rebuild mental skills for smoothly connecting thoughts into conversations, social connections and everyday function.

Led by certified specialists in cognitive-linguistic disorders, we design activities strengthening areas like memory, attention, reasoning and executive skills that illness often diminishes. Using tailored workbooks, apps and engaging exercises, we train patients to absorb, process and respond to information more efficiently. This reduces mental fatigue while clarifying verbal expression. We also provide communication strategy instruction for clearly organizing and conveying ideas during the occasional still-fuzzy moment. Many people notice changes in attention, memory, and more complex skills, like planning, organization, and time management. Speech-cognitive therapy will provide you with the tools both to remember your keys and plan ahead for tomorrow.

Whether due to stroke, concussion, neurological illness or normal aging, our compassionate speech-language pathologists partner with patients to better cope with and conquer cognition-communication challenges. Through personalized evaluations, targeted treatment plans and consistent practice with our supportive team, rediscover confidence in your mental clarity and capacity to interact with the world.