Nuclear Medicine

Harnessing the power of radioisotopes, nuclear medicine allows unique views into organ function and disease progression unseen by other modalities. Our leading imaging experts utilize metabolic tracers, advanced cameras, and customized workflows to extract molecular insights that enhance diagnoses and guide treatments.

Services include diagnostic and therapeutic examinations using radionuclides, including SPECT, advanced cardiac imaging, and bone densitometry. This team also offers PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanning. Our team facilitates a spectrum of exams like cancer staging, cardiac perfusion tests, GI motility assays, neuroimaging, bone scans, thyroid uptake and more. Drawing on the radioactivity naturally emitted from administered radiotracers, we visualize metabolic processes occurring in real time at the cellular level. This reveals whether tissue is normal, benign or malignant; dead or alive.

Our nuclear radiologists and technologists implement best practices in patient safety, image quality, and scan interpretation. State-of-the-art equipment coupled with extensive experience in nuclear medicine procedures informs accurate reads that give clinicians confidence in subsequent care decisions.

When high clinical complexity requires going beyond anatomical imaging, leverage our advanced nuclear techniques, research leadership and theranostic treatments to uncover key functional indicators powering precise medicine.