MonaLisa Touch

Have you experienced changes in your gynecological health since menopause?

Did you know that as many as 50% of postmenopausal women suffer from changes in their gynecologic health?
It's OK to talk about it - because now you can do something about it!

CU Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology offers a revolutionary new vaginal laser therapy that can help manage your symptoms and improve your vaginal health. Whether you are experiencing painful intercourse, burning or other painful vaginal symptoms on a regular basis, there are many reasons why you may want to consider getting MonaLisa Touch®. 

If estrogen creams and lubricants aren’t providing you with the relief you’ve been looking for to handle your vaginal dryness and irritation, then you’ll want to talk to our gynecologist about whether or not MonaLisa Touch® is the best treatment option for you.

A typical course of treatment is three procedures over 18 weeks. 
  • In-office procedure
  • Requires no anesthesia
  • No downtime
  • Minimal side effects
  • Each treatment is <5 minutes
  • Thousands of women have been treated worldwide since 2012
During your initial evaluation, we will perform a physical examination to make sure you are healthy enough for treatment. We will also want to rule out any infections that might be present. Once we’ve determined that you are an ideal candidate we will apply a numbing gel around the opening of the vagina to reduce any discomfort during the procedure.

Then the laser will be used to make tiny holes or tears in the vaginal lining. By creating these microscopic tears we stimulate the body’s natural repair process. This means that more blood will flow to those areas within the vaginal lining to promote healing and the growth of new, healthy tissue. Most patients will receive multiple vaginal laser treatments over the course of several weeks.

The new vaginal tissue that will form as a result of MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy will not only be stronger and thicker but will also be more elastic as well. In a way, this simple, minimally invasive laser therapy is a great way to rebuild and rejuvenate the vaginal lining.

If you haven’t been able to manage your vaginal irritation and dryness through estrogen creams or other methods, if you experience painful intercourse as a result of your symptoms, if menopause or lichen sclerosis is the reason for your symptoms then you could greatly benefit from MonaLisa Touch® treatment.