Hip Resurfacing

For patients with advanced hip arthritis, resurrecting an active lifestyle may seem out of reach. Yet hip resurfacing provides an innovative alternative to total replacement that preserves more natural hip mobility. Our skilled orthopedic team offers comprehensive evaluations to determine patient candidacy for this joint-saving procedure.

During hip resurfacing surgery, damaged bone and cartilage are removed from the hip socket, which is fitted with a smooth metal shell, similarly to full hip replacement. Unlike traditional methods, the femoral hip ball is reshaped and capped with a metal covering rather than removed. This bone-conserving approach provides a well-fixed, durable artificial hip surface.

Ideal patients for hip resurfacing are generally younger, more active arthritis sufferers with strong hip bone density. For those meeting criteria, this tissue-sparing procedure facilitates faster recovery times and better replicates the feel of one’s natural hip joint during movement. Our surgeons expertly assess arthritis damage, bone quality, age, weight, and procedure goals to recommend if innovative resurfacing or traditional replacement best meets patients’ needs. Regaining cherished activities often starts with the right advanced hip care options.