Hip Preservation

Living with hip pain and mobility issues can greatly reduce one’s quality of life. Our hip preservation program offers the latest diagnostic and treatment options to accurately assess hip conditions and provide customized care plans. Whether surgical or non-surgical methods are needed, our experienced team helps patients effectively preserve hip joint function.

Using advanced technologies like MRI and arthroscopy, our hip specialists excel at recognizing early signs of damage, infection, femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), osteoarthritis, labral tears, and other hip disorders. Precise diagnosis guides targeted therapies. We then develop integrated treatment plans that may incorporate medications, physical therapy, injections, or leading-edge surgical procedures to preserve the hip architecture and relieve pain. Our goals focus on helping patients maximally protect their hip joint’s natural mechanics and stability.

With individualized options using proven diagnostic tools and innovative techniques, patients find hope for resolving hip issues before progression. Our board-certified hip experts offer accurate, timely treatment planning focused on lasting solutions that aim to restore mobility and improve long-term quality of life.