Hip Fracture Surgery

Hip fractures can happen suddenly and painfully from falls, blows to the hip, or even twisting while standing if bones are weak. While traumatic, our skilled providers compassionately guides patients from diagnosis through individualized surgical repair.

A hip fracture may also stem from osteoporosis gradually weakening bones or specific injuries abruptly damaging areas surrounding the hip joint. When fractures occur, patients often cannot bear weight on the affected leg.

Our surgeons thoroughly assess the break location, bone alignment, soft tissue involvement, and other imaging results. We then craft optimized treatment plans to fix fractures using plates, screws, surgical wires, pins, or artificial hip joint replacement if needed. Every surgical approach is tailored to the patient's unique fracture situation and health profile.

With advanced imaging technology, innovative techniques, and dedication to positive patient outcomes, our providers are leaders in accurately diagnosing and compassionately treating hip fractures. We pair patient-centered care with customized repairs to help patients heal properly and regain mobility.