Hand and Wrist Therapy

Our fellowship-trained hand and wrist specialists, providers and therapists are experts in diagnosing and treating common and advanced conditions resulting from sports performance or everyday life. Our comprehensive hand and wrist care includes hand therapy, casts and splints, X-rays for diagnosis, and more all at one convenient location. Whether your injury requires ligament repair or a splint for a broken finger, our team will provide an individualized treatment plan to get you back to normal activity.

If you’re struggling with hand and wrist injuries, arthritis, or post-surgery joint stiffness, our certified hand therapists can help restore strength and mobility. Using customized occupational therapy plans, our therapists will aid your natural healing process using techniques like manual therapy, custom splinting, desensitization, neuromuscular re-education, wound care, and edema control. Whether you have crush injuries, fractures, repetitive motion injuries, burns, inflammation issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, or need rehabilitation after surgeries such as carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, or Dupuytren’s contracture release, we have advanced rehabilitation tools to help you regain optimal hand and wrist function.