Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a surgical procedure to restore volume and youthful contour to areas of your face, breasts, hands, and buttocks. Fat grafting is performed by obtaining amounts of fat from inconspicuous areas on your body, or during liposuction for body contouring, and injecting the fat into your face or body. Your CU Medicine Plastic Surgery provider will work with you directly to determine your individualized approach.

Fat grafting is the safe, natural way to regain volume lost with aging or to fill deformities from trauma or surgery. The transplanted fat integrates with surrounding tissue and creates supple, smooth, contoured fullness that looks and feels incredibly natural. Since it’s your own body fat, there’s no chance of rejection. Recovery typically takes 1-2 weeks with minimal discomfort. Whether you want to restore youthful facial volume, achieve breast reconstruction, or contour other areas, fat grafting can help you achieve natural-looking aesthetic goals.