Breast Imaging

Our experienced breast imaging team conducts MRIs and image-guided percutaneous breast biopsies and needle localizations, including mammographic, sonographic, and MRI-guided. Preoperative needle localization procedures are now primarily performed using the Savi Scout system based on surgeon preference, essentially eliminating the older wire localization technique.

Our breast imaging program utilizes leading-edge technology and compassionate care to detect breast abnormalities early, accurately diagnose any existing conditions, and monitor treatments. We offer advanced breast imaging modalities along with image-guided procedures.

Our breast radiologists have specialized expertise in interpreting screening and diagnostic mammography, ultrasound, MRI and biopsy results. We strive to reduce anxiety around breast imaging and evaluations. Every patient benefits from extra time and care during their visit.

Digital mammography delivers exceptionally detailed breast images. The precision of our advanced system means finding small or developing issues sooner when treatment options abound.

Breast ultrasound complements mammography by distinguishing between fluid-filled cysts and solid masses without radiation or compression. Ultrasound also targets specific areas for biopsy.

Breast MRI provides a complete set of images allowing radiologists to assess blood flow, measure chemical activity, and evaluate implants. MRI detects some cancers unidentifiable through mammography.

Image-guided breast biopsy is available onsite providing convenient access to tissue samples for definitive pathology results. Our compassionate staff helps patients understand what to expect during and after the procedure.