Post Fusion Surgery

Seeking relief from debilitating spine problems, over 600,000 Americans undergo fusion surgery annually. But proper post-operative rehabilitation is crucial for realizing hoped-for benefits. As leaders in complex spine care, our program guides patients from their first post-surgery steps through complete restoration of strength and function after fusion or disk replacement.

Recovery time is different for every patient; however, most patients are up and walking by the end of the first day after surgery. Most patients can expect to stay in the hospital for 3-5 days depending on their condition.

Once released from the hospital, patients who have undergone a PLIF, ALIF, or TLIF procedure are given a prescription for pain medications to be taken if needed, as well as a detailed post-operative physical therapy/exercise plan to help ease recovery and return to a healthy life.

Trust our expert spine surgeons and specialized therapists to tailor progressive rehabilitation plans based on your surgery, anatomy, health profile and personal goals. Benefit from dedicated care closely tracking your achievements mile by mile. With patience and partnership, realize the promise of fusion: living active and uninhibited by pain again.