Weight Management Programs at CU Medicine

Adam Gilden, MD and Marsha Miller, MS, RD share what makes the weight management programs offered at CU Medicine Weight Management and Wellness unique and how to get started.

The CU Medicine Weight Management and Wellness clinic, located in the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, focuses on helping patients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The multidisciplinary clinic provides access to an array of healthcare providers and services to support weight loss and wellness journeys. 

"The clinic here in Aurora, Colorado is a specialty weight management outpatient facility," explains Adam Gilden, MD, associate director of the clinic. "We see patients from across the state and have cross-functional support from providers to help our patients holistically reach their health goals."

Offerings at the clinic include physician-directed weight loss consultations, nutrition counseling, behavioral health services, body composition and metabolism assessments, and comprehensive weight loss programs.

My New Weigh Program

The My New Weigh Program is a 16-week group-based weight loss program with medical oversight. Using science-backed strategies of accountability, meal replacements and physical activity guidelines, the program helps those with significant weight to lose achieve transformative results.

“My New Weigh is for people who need to lose 15% of their body weight, fairly quickly,” says Dr. Gilden. To make sure this is safe for each patient, we review their medical history and medications before starting the program.”

The program incorporates three key strategies:

Accountability: Weekly group sessions, use of meal replacement products (protein shakes and bars) and email check-ins with a registered dietitian group leader. 

Meal Replacement Strategy: Structured eating plan based on use of meal replacements.

Physical Activity: Guidelines for and tracking of activity as a vital factor in long-term weight maintenance. Additionally, the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center offers group and individual fitness sessions led by experts.

On average, participants lose 41 pounds or 17 percent of body weight, see a 6-point drop in BMI, and experience major improvements in cholesterol, blood sugar and other weight-related health markers.* 

*Individual results may vary

Candidates for My New Weigh

  • Needing to lose 15% of body weight
  • Need to lose weight for a medical procedure
  • Have struggled losing weight in the past

"We’re proud to say the majority of people in the program reach their weight loss goals," says Marsha Miller, MS, RD, program director. "Additionally, we transition to real food. We talk about healthy nutrition, reading food labels, portion sizes and putting healthy meals together."

Visit here to learn more about My New Weigh.

Weight Loss 4 Life Program 

The Weight Loss 4 Life (WL4L) program focuses on long-term weight loss maintenance through a research-based curriculum and ongoing group support.

"Weight Loss 4 Life is a behavior modification program," explains Dr. Gilden. “No specific eating plan is required. The dietitian leads the group and helps each individual patient within the context of the group setting.”

WL4L utilizes a subscription-based model, with participants selecting either a 3 or 6-month term to attend virtual classes held twice per month on Mondays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. The curriculum covers topics like nutrition, physical activity and behavior change strategies. 

Prior to starting classes, an initial one-on-one consultation is held with the dietitian group leader to personalize the experience.

“Weight Loss 4 Life can be for someone looking to lose weight, someone looking to maintain their weight or for someone looking to build healthy lifestyle habits,” shares Miller who has been at the center since its opening 13 years ago and with Anschutz for 28 years.

Learn more about Weight Loss 4 Life.

Get Started Today

CU Medicine Weight Management and Wellness – CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center offers customized programs to meet patients at every stage of their health journey. Whether looking to lose a significant amount of weight, maintain weight loss long-term or supplement an existing treatment plan, the clinic's multidisciplinary team provides personalized support. 

To learn more and enroll in programs, patients can visit the CU Medicine Weight Management and Wellness Clinic located inside the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center or reach out to the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center and get started with their wellness navigator.


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This post was originally posted on 1/27/2024