CU Medicine and the CU School of Medicine

University of Colorado Medicine (CU Medicine) and the University of Colorado School of Medicine (CU SOM) are separate but closely aligned organizations. How are they connected and what does it mean for patients?

Who is the CU School of Medicine?

The CU SOM is one of the top medical schools in the U.S. CU SOM is the home for over 5,000 faculty members who teach, provide clinical care, and conduct scientific research aimed at improving human health. The CU SOM educates and trains physicians committed to life-long learning and to serving the medical profession, patients and society. Researchers on the CU SOM faculty translate science into medical breakthroughs that improve care through therapies, drugs and medical devices.

In addition to teaching and training future physicians, many faculty members at the CU SOM see patients in clinical settings. For those CU SOM faculty members providing direct patient care, CU Medicine handles billing services.

Who is CU Medicine?

CU Medicine is the Rocky Mountain region’s largest and most comprehensive multispecialty physician group practice. There are over 75 CU Medicine primary and specialty care health care clinics across Colorado’s Front Range and throughout metro Denver. In addition to in-person care at CU Medicine clinics, virtual care (also known as telehealth or telemedicine) services are also offered for patients throughout Colorado.

CU Medicine also provides billing services for over 4,000 physicians and advanced practice providers who are faculty at the CU SOM and deliver clinical care. When you see a health care provider who is a CU SOM faculty member, whether that’s at a CU Medicine clinic or at a hospital or clinic operated by one of our affiliate partners, the billing for the provider’s professional services will be processed by CU Medicine.

Who are CU Medicine’s affiliate clinical partners?

UCHealth and Children’s Hospital Colorado are clinical partners of the CU SOM, and in many cases CU SOM faculty provide care at their hospitals and clinics. When that is the case, you will receive a bill from CU Medicine for the provider’s professional services. As well, you will also receive a separate bill from our clinical partners for the cost of their facility services, which includes their facility costs, equipment and staff such as nurses. While you may receive two bills, they are for different charges – the provider’s services, and the facility’s services.

Why should you see a CU SOM faculty member?

The clinicians on the CU SOM faculty are at the forefront of incorporating the latest advances in medicine to direct patient care. CU SOM faculty are responsible for training new providers and offering the most expert care available in our community. As a result, they work closely with researchers who are advancing breakthrough treatments. As a patient, you get access to the latest science, technology and equipment. Faculty at the CU SOM have exceptional expertise in their areas of practice, and many faculty are board-certified and locally and nationally recognized by their peers.

Patients seen at CU Medicine clinics always receive care from a CU SOM faculty member. At a CU Medicine clinic, you will be cared for by a top provider with deep and specialized knowledge in their field. When we say we deliver expert healthcare that always puts you first, that’s not just a marketing slogan. We back it up with our experienced, knowledgeable doctors and advanced practice providers who see patients at CU Medicine clinics every day.


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This post was originally posted on 8/24/2023