Cosmetic Services at CU Medicine – WISH Focus on Holistic Wellness

Trusted nurse practitioner Anita Wolfe brings over 20 years of cosmetic services experience and 28 years of family medicine experience to her patients at CU Medicine Women’s Integrated Services in Health (WISH) – Park Meadows.

Tucked away inside CU Medicine Women’s Integrated Services in Health (WISH) – Park Meadows is a hidden gem for cosmetic services. Anita Wolfe, NP has been offering expert aesthetic treatments to patients for over 20 years, providing convenient access to procedures from a trusted provider focused on patients’ holistic well-being.

With 28 years as a nurse practitioner, Wolfe brings immense knowledge and skill to her work in both primary care and cosmetic services. “My patients have great results and many of them are my primary care patients,” explains Wolfe. “I take care to talk with each patient about their goals with cosmetic services, and how that fits in with their overall health and well-being.“

The goal of offering cosmetic options within CU Medicine – WISH is to help patients conveniently feel and look their best in one accessible location tailored to meet their needs, no matter their gender. All are given the same knowledgeable, personalized care from Wolfe aimed at enhancing natural beauty and boosting confidence through minimal disruption to their daily life.

Patients appreciate having access to the following aesthetic services alongside their other wellness visits at CU Medicine – WISH:

  • Superficial chemical peels - improving skin tone and texture through exfoliating solutions
  • Dermal fillers - fillers like hyaluronic acid to replace lost facial volume, soften creases and enhance features
  • Asclera® vein treatments - using injections to minimize uneven skin and unwanted spider veins on legs
  • Botox® injections - relaxing muscles to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around high movement areas like the eyes, forehead and mouth
  • Infini™ radiofrequency microneedling - stimulates collagen to reduce signs of aging and scarring
  • EXCEED™ micro needling - encourages new collagen and elastin fibers for plumper, firmer skin

The clinic provides Wolfe with a trusted space to consult with patients on aesthetic goals, carefully considering their needs before developing personalized treatment plans. This continuity of care and convenient access is key for patients who wish to subtly maintain their appearance over the years.

CU Medicine – Women's Integrated Services in Health (WISH) started a revolutionary approach to women's health services. This clinic offers comprehensive care for women for their overall health and wellness.

WISH provides the level of service women need:

• Health screening evaluation

• Primary care and chronic disease management

• Outpatient gynecological services

• Coordination of specialty care

• Integrated psychology/behavioral health, clinical pharmacy, and nutritional services

• Cosmetic services

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This post was originally posted on 11/27/2023