University of Colorado Medicine

Medical Coding FAQ

What do medical coders do?
Medical coders assign numeric codes to illnesses, injuries and medical procedures so that doctors can plan care, insurance companies can properly reimburse providers, and healthcare organizations can track diseases and healthcare costs. Because the coding system is universal, all users have access to the same information, so there’s no question about a code’s meaning.

Is a medical coding career for me?
If you’re considering a career as a medical coder, first consider the skills you’ll need to do the job well—attention to detail, patience, assertiveness. Whether you work in a fast-paced hospital or close-knit physician’s office, these skills will help you to succeed in the field.

How do I get into the field?
There are several schools in the Denver metro area, as well as a host of online training programs that can prepare you for a career as a medical billing and coding professional. » Learn more