University of Colorado Medicine

Open Enrollment 2019-2020

CU Medicine's annual Open Enrollment begins at 8 a.m. on Monday, April 29, and runs through 4 p.m. Friday, May 10. This is your two-week window to learn about plan changes, features, comparisons and more so you can select the best options for you and your family. 

At a glance

Open Enrollment introduces three updates this year: an allowance increase for frames and contacts as well as a decrease in exam costs under CU Health Plan - Vision, coverage for two new cavity treatments and an increase to maximum out-of-pocket expenses for certain medical plans.  

Vision Plan Changes:

  • Coverage increases: The annual amount covered for prescription glasses frames or contact lenses will increase from $130 to $155.
  • Copay decrease: Vision exam copays will be $20, down from $30. 

Dental Plan Changes:

  • More options for cavity treatment: The dental plans will add diamine fluoride and interim therapeutic restorations as options for cavity treatment.  These are generally used for children as they keep baby teeth in place longer, reducing the need for extractions.

Medical Plan Changes:

  • Increase to maximum out-of-pocket payment: Out-of-pocket maximums for CU Health Plans - Exclusive and Kaiser will increase from $7,350 to $7,900 for individuals and $14,700 to $15,800 for families.


Like your current plans?  You may not have to take any action.

If you would like to keep the same benefit choices, no action is required and you will be automatically re-enrolled.  There's one exception, if you have a Health Care Flexible Spending Account and/or a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account. 

If you would like to keep or update your Health Care Flexible Spending Account or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, you must re-enroll for plan year 2019-2020.