University of Colorado Medicine

Disability Plans

Disability coverage pays a portion of your pre-disability income when it is medically necessary for you to be off work. The plan documents provide details on items and features such as waiting periods, Actively At Work Provisions, Return to Work Incentives, and Rehabilitation Services.

Disability Insurance Plan Options

Disability Plan Overview

Short Term Disability (STD) Insurance Plan
  • Helps protect a portion of your income if you are temporarily disabled due to a covered illness, pregnancy, or injury and are medically required to be off work.
  • Includes Temporary Recovery Period coverage.
  • Plan Document 

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Plan

  • May pay you a portion of your pre-disability earnings if you become disabled.
  • Includes Survivor Income Benefit.
  • Conversion options available.
  • Plan Document

Termination of Coverage

If you are enrolled in one of the long term disability insurance plan and you lose eligibility, contact HR immediately to receive information on your rights for conversion.